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US $999

Personalized business matches featuring data-driven insights
from USA team.

Expert guidance

Benefit from the knowledge and insights of our matching experts.

Tailored supplier connections

Receive a curated list of suppliers best suited to your requirements.

Strategic meetings

Engage in up to 3 meetings of your choice with experts or suppliers within 180 days.

Supported communication

Build strong relationships with suppliers based on communication facilitated by us.

Elevate your business with's special offer
Propel your business to new heights with the support of a dedicated account manager and up to 15 strategic meetings per month.
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Why you should sign up

Connect with suppliers

Connect with suppliers

Finding a quality supplier with the right manufacturing capability is difficult when you've never sourced from that country before. We can help you locate suitable suppliers.

Gain insider expertise

Gain insider expertise

Sourcing agents don't have the knowledge we have.'s USA-based team provides data-driven insights combined with years of real-world experience to give you an effortless sourcing experience.

Form lasting partnerships

Form lasting partnerships

Building relationships with suppliers overseas is a daunting task when you're moving from sourcing domestically to sourcing internationally. We help you establish those relationships.

Get your time back

Get your time back

Searching for the perfect product or supplier can be a huge time suck. Go back to focusing on running your business by leaving your sourcing needs to us.


Sourcing experience
Geographic reach
Industries covered
Supplier network
Price structure
Service Match

20+ years
240+ countries and regions
5,900 categories
200,000+ suppliers
USA-based multilingual
Seller rep, buyer AM, and seller AM
US $999
Long-term growth-focused partnership


1-10 years
Specific countries
Limited categories
Hundreds suppliers
Commission based
Product-focused sourcing

How it works


Talk to an expert

Take 30 – 50 minutes to introduce your business and sourcing needs to our USA-based team.


Meet with your matches

Meet with the sellers virtually and stay in touch by email and phone with the suppliers you like.


Follow our expert guidance

Receive insider insight from our experts about how to improve sourcing for your business. Match has made finding reliable sellers simple and easy by connecting me with the right sellers. Vee Meadows

Vee Meadows

Owner of Autism Place by V Countafit Wear

A big thing that I like is that someone helps me with the translation, and the supplier gets a better understanding of the customizations that I need. Anand Ramamurthy

Anand Ramamurthy

Owner of was getting us started sourcing internationally. Now Match is the key in our expansion and diversification efforts. Our international trade skill set would not have been possible without their partnership. Owen Franklin

Owen Franklin

CEO of Blue Summit Supplies Match has made it so much easier and streamlined to connect with the manufacturers we needed to get business done timely. Bauer's Intelligent Transportation

Gary Bauer

Founder & CEO of Bauer's Intelligent Transportation & Evolve EV

Resources Match: perfect match for your business Match: the right match for your business

Introducing Match, a customized sourcing service featuring data-driven insights from US experts. We connect you with reliable sellers.

From sourcing expert to new service launch: meet the innovative minds behind Match

From sourcing expert to new service launch: meet the innovative minds behind Match

Meet the minds behind Match, Jay Wang and Liz Jia. We chat about their history with the company, sourcing expertise, and hopes for the new service.

4 reasons business owners should sign up for Match for an effortless sourcing experience

4 reasons business owners should sign up for Match for an effortless sourcing experience

To help buyers find the right suppliers, created Match. Here are four reasons why business owners should sign up for this new service.


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