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Still have questions about selling on B2B trading can be a whole other ball game than B2C. Check out our seller FAQ's for the answers you need. is a leading online B2B (business-to-business) marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from across the globe. It offers a wide range of products and services to businesses, including wholesale products, supplier sourcing, trade assurance, and more. It is also an all-in-one B2B online selling platform. has been helping global suppliers expand their business with the most cost-effective and efficient tools from online selling, and marketing, to customer management. is an online B2B marketplace for global businness owners. covers more than 40 categories from more than 200,000 global B2B suppliers. Meanwhile, if you are a B2B suppliers, you can sell your products on to reach more than 40 million B2B active buyers worldwide.

To sell on, you first need to sign up for a seller membership plan. Once you have passed Business Verification (BV), you can list your products, manage your online store, and begin fielding inquiries to make sales.

Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners can begin selling on in 5 steps:

  1. Open an account: Select an seller membership plan and complete the business verification process.
  2. Post your products: Upload your products individually or use the bulk upload tool.
  3. Create a storefront: Customize your storefront to showcase your brand without any coding experience needed.
  4. Reply to inquiries: Respond to buyer inquiries promptly on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.
  5. Product orders and payments: Consider using's Trade Assurance to build trust with your buyers more quickly.

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There are two ways.

  1. Select a plan here and complete the transaction online.
  2. with our US-based sales team to open an USA seller account.

To become a USA seller on, you can select a seller membership plan, complete payment online, and submit the business verification form.

As an seller, you get more than a digital storefront on a global marketplace. You get an end-to-end wholesale service platform calibrated to help you grow your business and provide services to your buyers. This is your opportunity to expand your sales with an additional revenue stream and reach new customers. Start selling now. offers different seller membership plans for USA sellers ranging from Basic to Verified Supplier with varying costs. You can choose a plan based on your business needs and budget. Compare all the plans.

As a paid seller member, you can enjoy

  1. An online shop with your company logo (website and app).
  2. Your online shop translated into 17 languages.
  3. Huge buyer traffic: more than 40+ million active B2B buyers sourcing on
  4. Great reach expansion: buyers are from more than 200+ countries and regions. One stop brings you to the world.
  5. Request for Quotation (RFQ) market: as a paid member, every month you can provide at least 60 quotations to the buyers looking for your products.
  6. Smart Suite tool: all AI-empowered digital tools to make your business grow faster and with higher efficiency.
  7. Real-time instant message translation: communicate hassle-free with foreign buyers in your own language.
  8. Free onboarding service: you provide the product photos and descriptions, and we'll do the rest to get your store launched.
  9. Traffic booster*: once you've launched your shop, we'll boost your traffic for the next 180 days.
  10. Keyword advertising credit: this on-demand advertising is included with your membership, and helps you gain more exposure.
  11. US-based customer service team: 1:1 customer support gives you the support and knowledge you need through all seller journey... and a lot more.

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*May be different based on different membership package.

There is 0% sales commission on any sales on You deserve the profit.

Selling on can be highly beneficial for businesses looking to expand domestically and internationally. Membership provides access to a large customer base, helps increase brand visibility and sales, and more.

Yes. is a global e-commerce platform that enables businesses to sell their products both to buyers in America and abroad to myriad countries. If you are a seller based in the USA, you can select one of the seller membership plans on and start selling your products.

Yes, small businesses can sell on The platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It provides tools and resources that can help small businesses succeed in the international market.

Yes, you can sell your products on both and your website simultaneously. Many sellers use as a way to expand their customer base and reach a wider audience while also maintaining their online presence. However, it is important to manage inventory and ensure accurate information across different sales channels. allows sellers to sell a wide range of products in bulk, including consumer electronics, apparel, beauty products, home & garden, and more.

Once you've paid online, our customer support team will reach out to you for Business Verification (BV). Once you've passed Business Verification (BV), we will start the onboarding process to kick off the preparation for your online store launch.

To kick off the preparation, we will need you to submit your product photos, description, company logo and other info you want to put in your store. requires all sellers to complete a business verification (BV) process to ensure their legitimacy and trustworthiness. The verification process includes submitting personal and business information, including your company registration number, identity documents, and tax identification number.

Business Verification or BV is a process during which USA sellers who have recently signed up for submit documentation to verify that their business is legitimate. BV is required to activate your seller account. provides 24/7 online customer support to USA sellers through Live Chat. Depending on the seller membership plans, has a dedicated USA-based support team that can also assist with any issues or inquiries related to selling on the platform.

The available payment methods on vary depending on the buyer and seller's preferences. Common payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and's own payment platform called Alibaba Pay. It is important to establish clear payment terms and choose a secure payment method to protect both parties in the transaction.

Trade assurance is a transaction protection program to secure all payments made through We provide buyers on with secure ways to conduct payments; protect against unforeseen circumstances, such as product or shipping issues; and mediate between buyers and sellers to resolve any issues related to the purchase. Built to protect sellers and buyers alike, this program can shorten the selling cycle, especially for first-time orders.

To attract buyers on, you can enhance your product listings with detailed and accurate descriptions, high-quality product images, competitive pricing, and attractive packaging. Additionally, participating in's marketing campaigns, such as offering discounts or promotions, can help increase your visibility and attract more buyers. provides various marketing tools and services to help sellers reach a global audience. These include advertising campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and participation in trade shows and exhibitions. Additionally, optimizing your product listings for relevant keywords, adding accurate product attributes, and leveraging social media platforms can also help increase your visibility to potential buyers.

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