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Boost exposure, build trust, streamline operations, and get tailored support with Verified Supplier™.

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Through the expansive reach of the Verified Supplier program, we are able to showcase our mass production services and sourcing capabilities to millions of customers globally. We are proud to be part of this distinguished program offered by
Kerim Antoine Kfuri
President of The Atlas Network, LLC
The Atlas Network, LLC

Build trust and
stand out

Build instant trust with the exclusive Verified Supplier™ badge displayed across your storefront and in search results.

Instill confidence in prospective customers with an inspection report of your premises from an industry-leading third-party service.

Display pop and polish to your storefront with a professionally-shot video of your business.

Bolster your credentials with verified industry certifications and production capabilities.

More exposure, more opportunities

Highest-tier traffic boost

Attract more customers to your products with top search placements via our highest-tiered traffic boost.*

Identify Buyers tool

Discover qualified buyers with the most purchasing power using the Identify Buyers tool.

Product Showcase

Display products more prominently on your storefront and sitewide with Product Showcase, where products have up to 4.3X more exposure than average.

RFQ Priority Quote

Receive top placement when customers look for products like yours with RFQ Priority Quote.

Streamlined operations and get tailored support

Get going quickly and save on administrative costs with our Key Success Program (KSP), where you'll have a dedicated USA-based account manager to assist with onboarding, present comprehensive training sessions, and deliver bespoke business consulting to optimize your operational efficiency.

Source your next new product without worry, with our Match service.

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Verified Supplier
Trading Essentials      
Product Showcase 20 20 60
Traffic Booster X Standard* Max Boost*
RFQ Responses 40/month 40/month 60/month
RFQ Green Pass 0 5/month 10/month
RFQ Priority Quote 0 5/month 10/month
Keyword Advertising Balance $500 $2,000 $2,000
Sub-accounts 5 5 10
Insight Engine      
Product Advisor X 6 months Full year
Visitor Analyzer Pro X 6 months Full year
Verified Credentials      
Business Verification Standard Standard Globally-recognized certification
Trust Booster      
Immersive Video Walkthrough X X
On-site Inspection X X
Industry-leading Verification X X
Verified Industry Certifications X X
Verified Production Capabilities X X
Exposure Amplifier      
US National Pavilion X
Verified Supplier Badge X X
Searchable in "Manufacturers" tab X X
Featured in "Factories Worldwide" X X
Priority registration for promotional events X X
Service hub Seller Training E-course (ASTE)
Onboarding Service X
Key Success Program (KSP) X Match VIP Sourcing New! X X
Price structure      
Membership Fee $2,999 $2,999 $13,999
Account Management X $6,000 $6,000
Keyword Advertising $500 $2,000 $2,000
Total $3,499 $10,999 $21,999
* Traffic booster lasts for six months and is the equivalent of three-stars for Premium and 4/5 stars for Verified Supplier. For more information on star levels, please contact your sales representative.

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Frequently asked questions

Verified Supplier is a membership provided by that aims to enhance your business exposure and establish trust by verifying and showcasing your supply capabilities and advantages.

To become a Verified Supplier, you'll need to go through the verification and certification process on the platform. Through a combination of processes from and third-party services, we rigorously review your company qualifications, production capabilities, product quality, and other key parameters to ensure you meet our standards.

If your verification application is not approved, our team will provide you with timely feedback. You can make the necessary adjustments and reapply for verification once you've met these criteria. Our support team will be there to assist you throughout the process.

Verified Supplier helps increase your business exposure, attract more potential buyers, build instant trust, differentiate yourself from competitors, and optimize operational efficiency through tailored support and access to advanced resources.

Yes, our Verified Supplier solution is supported by reputable global companies such as, SGS, and TUV. Through verification and certification, we provide the credentials and assurance to help establish the credibility and reliability of your business. implements a rigorous verification process for Verified Suppliers, which includes verification of business licenses, production capabilities, product quality, and other key parameters. This process helps ensure that only reliable and trustworthy suppliers receive the Verified Supplier certification.

The verification process typically takes a few business days. However, the exact duration may vary depending on the complexity of your business and the documentation provided.

Yes, so long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you can upgrade to Verified anytime. Simply contact our team, and they will guide you through the process.

As a Verified Supplier, you gain access to exclusive badges, certifications, and features that set you apart from competitors. These credentials enhance credibility, showcase your verified capabilities, and build trust with potential buyers, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The Verified Supplier solution provides advanced analytics and insights through the Analytics Suite Pro. This powerful tool enables you to track product performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize and drive growth.

The KSP offers several benefits. It ensures a smooth onboarding process, helping you and your team navigate the platform effectively. It also provides strategic insights to improve performance. From initial setup to ongoing assistance, your consultant offers training and continuous support, maximizing your opportunities for success on

Yes, our consultants have a deep understanding of local market dynamics and industry trends. They possess valuable insights that can help you tailor your strategies, target the right audience, and optimize your product offerings to align with local market demands.

The frequency of business diagnosis and consultancy sessions can be tailored to your specific needs. Depending on your business goals and requirements, your consultant can conduct regular assessments and provide ongoing guidance to optimize your presence on the platform.